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Insurance Planning - Life and Work

The process of establishing an effective insurance plan involves:

  • Developing an economic overview to define your objectives

  • Defining your time horizon and your lifestyle activities

  • An assessment of your risk tolerance

  • Incorporating your pension plan (if any) and government benefits

  • Integrating your current assets

  • Tax efficient planning


The planning should involve registered as well as non-registered investments.

​Products used to achieve the plan are:

  • Annuities

  • Term Accounts

  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates

  • Mutual Funds*

  • Guaranteed Investment Funds (Segregated Funds)

The tax implications of your decisions with respect to non-registered money are critical. Below is a list of tax planning strategies:

Tax Efficient Investing

  • Leveraged Investing

  • Creditor Proofing Investments

  • Tax Effectiveness of Systematic Withdrawal Plans

  • Maximizing After-Tax Income

  • Prescribed Annuities

We are familiar with and knowledgeable about Government regulations impacting your investment opportunities, and work to achieve the maximum benefit for you.

  • Stay updated with any changes that may affect you.

Tax planning tools:

  • RRSP's

  • Locked-In funds from Pension Plans

  • RRIF's

  • Tax Efficient Investment (in non-registered situations)

  • Leveraged Investing

  • Income Splitting

  • Government Benefits (CPP & OAS)

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